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Bum-bees aka bummlers

today i discovered that there is a scots wikipedia which has 2,515 articles (and 2000+ current visitors). it’s full of great stuff, but i especially liked the bee articles: Bum-bees or bummlers is sindry species o bee in the genus Bombus sic as the white airsie (Bombus lucorum), (Bombus terrestris) or (Bombus vestalis), the reid [...]

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they gave me my songs back

and i recorded a new one tonight; fade away it’s still in progress, but i think it has some neat things going for it lyrically. i wish it wasn’t so minor, i need to write more songs in major i think. hopefully it doesn’t seem too heavy handed. notice the blatant theft at the end [...]

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Squid Lemon

I think I must have brought this back with me from some recent psychadelic adventure.  I really can’t imagine that these things have existed my whole life, lurking in grocery stores and citrus groves, quietly waiting for the perfect moment to attack.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if a squid, or perhaps an [...]

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my first dmca takedown notice

apparently some of the files in my mp3s/assorted directory were more publicly accessible than i intended, so they took down my whole mp3 directory including all of my stuff. just in case i guess? Hello, We have received a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice regarding allegedly infringing content hosted on your site. The [...]

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final review – cabinet of curiosities lab

i survived my final review and thought since i don’t have time to make pretty paintings or write down any sort of original ideas i would put up my boards which i’m not longer happy with but they’re ok. i forgot my camera but i’ll put up a picture of the model which is much [...]

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