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i’ve been listening to the pixies album doolittle album on repeat, it’s great! for some reason i’ve avoided listening to it for all these years. things have been busy as usual lately. trying to get ready to head to boston, which i will do on saturday. no ac in the car right now, so i [...]

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hand over your clones before the apocalypse hits

we’re going down the rabbit hole, alice this is just to say transatlantic moves do suck brainmeats exhausted current ambition:  giant wall of dentists’ neon teeth.  this must, alas, wait until one of these interviews with harvard labs pans out. [ viagra canadian | cheapest viagra anywhere | viagra online sales | non prescription viagra [...]

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stepping out

I thought this walking shopping cart kinetic sculpture was worth passing along. Sorry I don’t have more time to write what I liked about it, but really the video speaks for itself. [ which is better viagra cialis | double dose of cialis | herbal viagra reviews | viagra seizures ]

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longago and faraway

i found these fotos all dusty on my camera….. [ viagra picture | levitra versus viagra | low cost viagra | viagra and sexual performance ]

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hot topic is the way that we rhyme

things have been busy lately! I went to detroit two weeks ago, and last weekend baltimore. i found a squishy heart there with ants all over it, i’m hoping to have a picture soon. and the american visionaries museum is amazing. monday i spent the day trying to figure out how to play my songs [...]

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this guy’s great

Jacques Villegle [ generic viagra soft tabs | alternative drug new viagra | female viagra response | viagra clones ]

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late night thoughts, be they ever so cliche

mourn children for the lost toys and playmates           for those we have thrown to the dogs mourn child for those driven to the edge mourn for every minute marked by another cigarette           for smoke that measures the length of a life mourn for moments left [...]

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