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Zoot Suit Riots – a burgeoning personal interest in the LAPD

Quoted from: The LAPD: 1926-1950 When James E. Davis became Chief in 1926, he formed a 50-man “gun squad” announcing that “the gun-toting element and the rum smugglers are going to learn that murder and gun-toting are most inimical to their best interest.” He added that he would “hold court on gunmen in the Los [...]

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a message from your gentleman caller

the rest of the AGC discussion may be slightly delayed, I’m struggling with a lack of time in the evening and the need to better understand the Executive function in order to describe it succinctly. there will hopefully be some fun machine code discussion. dan _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Here’re a few [...]

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more about that landing code

The two equipment alarms that Armstrong and Aldrin had while trying to land the Lunar Module were Alarm 1201 and 1202. These alarms resulted in about a half minute in which neither of them knew whether they needed to abort the landing while they were 6 miles up, falling towards the ground, burning fuel, rebooting [...]

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