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pass the dust i think i’m bowie

I was amused to hear the title of this record by Black Randy and the Metrosquad. It was published in the late 70s by Dangerhouse Records. [ cialis oral jelly 20mg packs $283.00 | elavil 25mg pills $54.00 | viagra capsules | luvox 100mg pills $262.00 | amoxicillin 250mg pills $153.00 | ditropan 5mg pills [...]

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What I’ve been up to

I’ve been taking this intensive graphic design thesis/portfolio class this summer, and the topic I’ve chosen to work on is taking scientific concepts and using them to talk about emotions and interpersonal reactions. Here’s some of what I’ve done so far. Today I started playing around with adding a little bit of color. Wanted to [...]

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el paso

so at the beginning of june i went to el paso to see my relatives and met up with my parents there. i just tackled the annoying yahoo kingdom of flickr so there are some pictures – some ok ones of this refinery and the clouds were just too cliche to not photograph from the [...]

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wildlife at 7:26 am

Last night I had yet another dream about finding a rattlesnake in our yard. Maybe I should carry some kind of rattlesnake protection thing when we go out hiking. There was in fact a real rattlesnake in our backyard a few weeks ago. wildlife that has appeared into our yards: 1 lost baby duck 1 [...]

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apple scripting for serial communication with screen

i found an apple script online and edited it to be a little more convenient: set baudList to {1200, 2400, 4800, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400} set baudRate to (choose from list baudList default items {38400}) tell application “Terminal” set serialDevices to (do shell script “ls /dev/cu*”) set theDeviceList to (paragraphs of serialDevices) [...]

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video project

since it’s been quiet up here i thought i’d post a short video i did as a group project for a class on drift cinema. the assignment was to remake a scene from one of the syllabus movies. we used chung king express. i like it – we tried to recreate in an imprecise low-fi [...]

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i am very bad at managing my time.  i never have enough time to do anything i want to do, and usually, this results in me doing many things mediocrely.  i have no idea how people keep up with the internet.  i think it has something to do with acronyms. this was theoretically a waste [...]

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das boot

because i feel like i keep complaining about having to draw this submarine every week, i thought i’d share. the eighth installmant of irene’s 1942 u-boat drawing for ‘architectural drawing and representation II’  – ie. beating a dead horse with a pen (or mouse as it would be) the faint horizontal background lines if they’re [...]

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so my mac mini died, causing me to purchase an imac, it arrived yesterday! new imacs were released today :( oh well. on the bright side i am finally managing to deal with photos that i’ve put off dealing with because my computer was sooo slow. more about that soon, i swear, and about where [...]

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swoon facies apophhysis beauty

it’s been a while since i’ve gotten good poetic spam but here’s one: swoon facies apophysis beauty papeermaking steadiest bramley abacterial [ tenoretic 25mg pills $83.00 | metaglip glipizide 2.5mg + metformin 250mg $171.00 | excel 30 pill bottle $238.00 | buy generic viagra india rx | biaxin 250mg pills $189.00 | olmesartan 40mg pills [...]

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frei otto on acid

more knitting… 2 sided/colored, labeled and way denser. now to make a computer model of the general form and load it up with a museum program – clearly.  i like how in the third shot it resembles a conch shell. i think it’s quite pretty and look forward to making some trippy hats, cuffs and [...]

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i’m becoming vaguely installed in sf, i have a place to move into for march and april, and i have been eating burritos! i feel a burst of sanity coming up in my future, maybe in may! i also got my first parking ticket today, whooops. [ cialis overnight | viagra 25mg pills $140.00 | [...]

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i’m inputting evaluations and the strangeness of time and tense in colloquial speech keeps striking me, like: “No, in the end, this is what I had hoped for” [ imigran 25mg pills $149.00 | zocor 20mg pills $251.00 | zovirax 400mg pills (brand) $249.00 | professional cialis 20mg pills $64.00 | hydrazide 12.5mg tablets $209.00 [...]

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the boy who wouldn’t hoe corn

well, i am off to san francisco, i just need to finish repacking my car and have lunch with my parents/sister. i think i will be taking this route. if anybody has any suggestions, let me know i should be receiving mail just fine. and irene, i’ll be heading close to salinas, i may email [...]

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Baby Tomato Clowns

About two and a half weeks ago I sold some clownfish to Sea Creatures. I ended up coming home with a ceramic tile covered in Tomato Clownfish eggs. Those eggs have since turned into I think 38 baby Tomato Clowns. Most of them have taken to hanging out in the back of the tank near [...]

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