I wonder if anyone checks this anymore or has it on rss feed or anything. Maybe we should start posting things for each other again.

I ran across this wonderful animated short: Undone

hello world.

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I made a t-shirt


While falling asleep last night, I had this idea in my head, so when I had time this afternoon I made this and put it up where you can buy it print-on-demand. It’s the image I plan on using for the cover of this post-apocalyptic 2003 NYC Mad Max meets bikes meets sex + a twist comic I’ve been making. Anyway. I was excited about it, so I thought I’d share.

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YAY! super thanks to matt and mark I got this motion sensor activating a muscle wire. My partner and I are trying to make a wall surface that sort of gently winks and opens (maybe a bit like anemones) from the great sewing notion called horsehair (that’s not horsehair) but a mesh with unbonded intersections so it deforms in super cool ways (an array of pockets a bit like this)

but mostly i’m supremely excited that i made albeit simple electronics and programming work at the same time and eventually it’s going to be pretty!  suggestions if you see something funny are welcome.

documentation4        documentation5

documentation6        documentation8

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water dress – without water

waiting for the 2nd pass on sealant to cure to try filling it up again. midterm tomorrow!

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Hourly Comic Day

For those of you who don’t know, which I’m guessing is most of you… today is Hourly Comic Day. This is where you draw a comic every hour you’re awake about something that happened to you in that hour. Like journal comics on crack or something.

I will be updating these as the day goes on on my website . You should go check them out!

HourlyComics 12am

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Heiner Goebbels

A couple of weeks ago I saw a really beautiful performance piece, Stifter’s Dinge at the Park Ave Armory in New York (which is becoming a really solid arts presenter). Excitingly enough I don’t know exactly what to call it. Essentially a sound and set installation as performance. The composer/director, Heiner Goebbels, has a a great name for one, and had a really great control of the visual effects and timing – calmly spending long enough with each scene to really notice all sort of sides of it.



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retro futurist brutalist disco

a quickie post of a picture from i and my partner’s final housing project (i know you’re thinking oh my gosh i’ve always wanted to live in a giant black cantilever!) eventually i’ll post a picture of the model which helps explain the disco part – mirrors!


if it seems derivative of mies or el lessitzky that’s cause it is…

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the future is a place, about seventy miles east of here

i think we should come up with a new blog. something that some of us will post to regularly, i think the content of our lives is really interesting, and maybe if we get some readers we will think so too and write about it. it’s been a wonderful experience though, being able to keep up with people and communicate things we might not normally be able to share. anybody with any ideas should mail me or post. otherwise i’ll be mailing out to see who is interested when i develop my brilliant plan for world domination.

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all quiet on the eastern front

well just to get people talking (maybe?) i thought i’d share my new portfolio! it is of course not perfect – but i had to pull it together for an application for an internship in renzo piano’s paris office – no clue what my chances are, i appear to be competing with 15 +/- 8ish of my classmates on entirely unknown criteria. go columbia and it’s consistent obsfucation of information in an extraordinarily self-deluded old-fashioned heirarchy masquerading as an open network.


anyhow since i’ll need to revamp it for a cumulative review in may (if i don’t get the internship) constructive criticism would be totally welcome. mostly i’m just in shock that it appears i did something documentable with the last year of my life…

come visit new york.

ps – i don’t know why when exporting to pdf it is insisting on adding a 1/16″ of white on the left and bottom, grrr…

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I’m in a group art show

in Alameda, CA. I know some of you guys are over that way, yeah?

The opening reception is tonight (Sept. 11, 2009) from 6-10 pm.

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school is starting

more pictures and posts soon, dan good and i are moving to a cottage in jingletown. whee!

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car chase research

If you have netflix view on demand videos, check out the car chase scene at 1 hour 8 minutes of Alien Nation (1988), it’s really cool and unusual and has some great cutting, but it’s hard to explain exactly how. I don’t normally like car chases, and alien nation is a cliche monster, but somehow this car chase scene beautifully violates all the normal rules. I wish somebody could explain to me the way it was conceived and shot, i personally think it turns the film into a forgotten landmark.

then instead of a shootout they just have an overdose scene. what a great film.

also meow. heart waterlove – love sickness, clam dinner.

joyous occasion.

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This isn’t much, but I’ve been feeling like maybe I should post some more to kollektief lately, so there you go.

I’ve had a nice time looking at modern art lately. I’ve been getting a bit into Donald Judd, as it seems to turn out that I too have a thing for boxes. Mmm boxes.

I just found this quiz online: Can you tell Donald Judd furniture from cheap Walmart furniture? I got 75%.

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a day i had

I’ve got a lot of work in the next two weeks before school starts.

spent the day in a meeting down in san mateo, drove back and decided to stop around lake meritt for a hamburger in a rare eating out moment for me.

the place was run by a nice Korean couple.

I was reading Eldon Hall’s enjoyable Journey to the Moon but didn’t focus as well as i wanted to. because of that load of work i guess.

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Abilene – Two Guns, Twin Arrows

speaking of jazz, check out this brilliant jazz rock i had to good fortune to hear tonight. the song solidarity is the one that really grabbed me. chicago keeps churning out the tunes.


just now listening to the rest of the album, it’s more of a post rock kind of thing with a very nice use of brass.

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